Stress Balls

dfdGiven the fact that there are so many stress triggers in today’s world, it is not surprising to find that most people are currently experiencing the negative health and social effects that stress brings.

This festive season however, you can help your loved ones on their path towards living a healthier and stress free life by buying them stress balls.

Contrary to what most people think, these seemingly useless squeezable toys go a long way in helping to bring stress and tension relief. Better still, they are less time consuming than other stress relief remedies such as meditation and can be used anywhere from the office to the house.

Emotional Benefits Anyone using these stress relieving toys stands to benefit a lot in terms of emotional stability. Firstly, squeezing the balls is in itself a way of ensuring that ones attention is diverted from the stress trigger. Secondly, the act of squeezing these toys is a good way of relaxing the hands muscles and also triggering the nerves in the hand.

These nerves are connected to the limbic region which is responsible for emotions. When the brain is stimulated, feel good chemicals like endorphin are released hence bringing both stress and tension relief.When the body is well relaxed, even sleeping becomes easier and the quality of sleep also improves greatly.

Physical BenefitsThese malleable toys also have lots of positive benefits on ones physical health and well-being. One of the most important of these physical benefits is their ability to prevent repetitive strain injuries which are caused by frequent activities such as typing, cell phone use or even writing. This is because squeezing the balls helps enhance the strength and flexibility of muscles in the hand and wrist. In addition to that, the squeezing action is essential in improving the flow of blood in the whole hand.

Other Health BenefitsApart from the physical and emotional benefits already highlighted, these therapeutic toys also have some major psychological health benefits. People with autism for example, can use the balls as a therapy and as an avenue to let out their frustrations and tensions. Those with ADHD on the other hand, can use the balls to enhance their attention and focus.

The fact that they are inexpensive and can be used by almost anyone makes stress balls one of the best and simplest gifts for the festive season. After all, who doesn’t want to start the new year with lower stress and tension levels?…

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