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How to get rid of pimples is a question that most people would want to get its answer. Well, pimples are a skin condition whereby the oil glands swell and form pus on your skin, usually the face. They are very irritating because many a times they show up when you don’t expect them. Well, to get rid of them it is advisable to use the natural means because they are by far safer than the artificial means. Read on for these natural means.Acne 01


Seems simple but yes it does the magic. You only need to ensure you drink a lot of water every day. This is drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day to help clean up your body system. Similarly, you can use the water in a different way by steaming and passing it over our face. This will help open up your skin pores freeing it from the bacteria causing pimples.

Apple cider vinegar

Being acidic apple cider vinegar has the anti-fungal and antibacterial property that makes it a good remedy for pimples. When you apply it on your skin, it performs the antibacterial and anti-fungal function leaving your skin free from bacteria causing pimples. Since it is very strong, if you are using it for the first time then you should dilute it but use it concentrated for better results.

Apart from apple cider vinegar are also garlic and lemon with the antibacterial property therefore they will tend to work the same way. They are very gentle on the skin but tough on bacteria.


Does ice help in clearing up pimples? The answer is yes. It does so by reducing skin swelling and inflammation. You can use ice cubes or crushed ice by placing them in a piece of cloth then hold it on the affected area for seconds. Repeat this for a couple of minutes then you are good to go. Ice also helps in increasing blood circulation, tightening the skin and removing dirt from the skin.

Acne 12Baking soda

This is also a good way to clean up the skin it is affordable and natural, does not contain any harmful substances so when using it you are sure of it not affecting your skin. Just warm a little water mix it with the baking soda then apply the paste on your skin. Leave it for about an hour then rinse it with water and you surely will like the results.

Tree tea oil

This is one of the most popular homemade remedies for pimples. It functions by breaking clogged pores and removing dead skin. To apply it you mix it with water in the ratio of 1:9 depending on the concentration you need. Apply it directly on your skin and leave for 30minutes and moisturize it for better results. Tree tea oil can be very strong and, therefore, is advisable to use it diluted.

Try out any of the above mentioned natural ways of how to get rid of pimples and do away with pimples once and for all.…

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