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The advent of Rapid Detect drug test kits has resulted in a revolutionary new way for employers to be able to carry out instant drug tests and thus able to enforce their drug policies and create a drug-free working environment. Prior to rapid drug testing kits, organizations had no way to enforce their drug policies effectively as carrying out drug tests was a time consuming activity and expensive as the tests had to be paid for and also cost of sending them to the labs.

Studies and research have shown that organizations that have implemented the use of onsite rapid drug test kits forDrug Test 16 random testing of their employees have had an increase in work efficiency and output. This is because the rapid drug test kits can instantly tell if an employee is under the influence of drugs.

As an employer who has been looking for an effective drug testing solution, the rapid drug test kit is what you need, some of the reasons why it is highly recommended include;

Onsite Testing

With rapid drug test kits, organizations implementing drug tests do not have to send staff to different labs for testing but can conduct the test at the workplace without interfering with employees working schedules. With ability to conduct a rapid drug test, human resource teams can test potential job applicants on the site and make appropriate hiring decisions without waiting for drug test results from labs.

Fast Results

With the rapid onsite drugs testing kits, you will get your results in less than 10 minutes. This is very fast when compared to lab tests that can take days to reveal results.

Saves on Costs

With these kits, your organization will save lots of money as the kits will be used for an initial drug screening process to identify those with positive results. Only those who are found positive will be expected to send their test to labs for confirmation. This will greatly save on costs as opposed to having all staff send their tests to the lab.

Easy To UseDrug Test 17

The rapid drug test kit is easy to use and does not require one to have expert knowledge or special equipment to undertake a drug test. For first time users, the kits come complete with everything you need to conduct a drug test and has an easy to understand instruction manual to guide you. Also, the test results are easily seen and do not require interpretation for anyone to understand them.

With a reported accuracy of 99%, utilizing Rapid Detect drug test kits in your organization is the most effective way to control and curb the ever increasing drug problem in the workplace.…

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