This is a¬†question that torments many of people’s brains. Stress can mean that you feel stuck¬†when you actually feel you should be moving forward. Anxiety equally means that you worry about the things that never happen. There can be a lot of negative aspects of anxiety and an anxious person always will be quick to point out all the negative consequences of their anxiety.

However, anxiety can be good. Personally, I am always anxious to get things done. I am eager to please people, and I am anxious to do things well. I am filled with desire, I wake up with ideas, I see something happen, and I anxiously consider a hundred possible consequences. An anxious life can give you a fast brain and other endless benefits. Still worried whether is anxiety a good or a bad thing?

Although anxiety can be labelled as a mental disorder, with all the social baggage that it carries, people can use anxiety as an excuse. However, you should not let the label overwrite the entire syndrome.

Why a little bit of anxiety may be good for you

Below are some of the reasons why anxiety may be good for you.

It is an accepted fact that stress is bad for you. However, a little bit of anxiety can be for you.

1. Stress may not make you sick

Studies show that people who believed that stress is bad had a 43% increased risk of death. People who failed to concur that stress was bad were far less likely to die.anx
2. Stress helps you learn
A 2013 study of tells your body that it needs to dial up antioxidants to fight free radical, those molecules that make us age. Acute stress can help reduce damage to your body’s DNA.

3. Stress can boost your immune system.

Although chronic stress will in most cases wreak havoc on your immune system, an acute stress attack can stimulate your immune system making it more responsive.

4. Stress can be alleviated by charity
It is a good idea to avoid stress. However, if you can’t, remedy it by donating to charity. anx2

Anxiety gets a lot of bad press, and dwelling on the negative can lead to stress, anxiety disorders and phobias. However, evolutionary speaking, anxiety holds some functional value. In humans, learning to harm is necessary in order to survive in the face of fundamental threats and avoid related social, economic problems.
What do you now think? Is anxiety a good or a bad thing? A little bit is not bad.…

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