How To Quit Smoking

smoCigarette contains nicotine which is one of the most harmful and addictive drug available legally in the world. Cigarette smoking is harmful to both smokers and anyone passively exposed to smoke, especially the young, smoking causes more than 4.9 million deaths annually. Quitting smoking is one of the best things that a smoker can do to live heath, it is difficult but not impossible. Below is a detailed list of steps that one can apply to help he or she on how to quit smoking.

Step 1.

To quit smoking one needs to look for a strong inner determination, one should make a list of reasons of quitting these shores up one’s determination they may include emotion-based, current, specific and future based reasons. It is important of one to figure out how embarrassing it is for one to smell cigarette at work or in public this motivates one to stop the habit.

One should conduct a research about cigarette smoking and its effect later on life of a smoker, one learns about the motive behind this industry and medical gruesome to quit.

Step 2.

To quit smoking is important that one is positive and confident that he or she can successfully quit smoking, being positive about achieving this helps one to eliminate the habit easily on persevering. Apply goal accomplishment techniques and regular milestone rewards to remain focused and committed.

Step 3.

Choose a particular date; instead of try this every New Year or every month one should set a specific date and work to achieve this, setting a date makes one more likely to succeed. Before the quit date one should avoid smoking same brand and smoke different brands as difference in chemicals make smoking less enjoyable, it also helps to de-automate smoking which can help one to become more conscious and increase one’s ability of succeeding.

Tobacco products like matches, lighters and a pack of cigarette can pull one back to the habit one should thus remove them from his home or office as the make it difficult for on on how to quit smoking.

Step 4.

Make non-smoking friends; to quit smoking one should keep a distance with smokers; smokers have smo2strong influence in one to continue with the habit hence making it difficult for one to stop. It is thus important of one to make non-smoking friend who will have less influence in one toward smoking.

Step 5.

Keep both hands and mouth busy; nicotine replacement therapy has the ability of making one succeed these are tiny tablet, gums, nasal spray and lozenges, one who likes holding a cigarette should use an inhalant instead this habit will help one on how to quit smoking. Sticking to the above step it is easy of one to quit smoking and live health.