Things that could be keeping you awake at night


Sleep is necessary for the human body. The body needs rest so that it can rejuvenate itself. However, some people have a problem getting themselves to sleep. This causes them to wake up tired since they do not get the recommended rest for their bodies to work properly. In case you are such a person, the following are things that could be keeping you awake at night.

Issues that may affect your good night’s sleep

1. Pain

w456ydtsreaThose suffering from chronic pain such as backaches and joint aches may also have difficulty falling or staying asleep since the pain may wake them. This pain can be as a result of bad sleeping position or the lack of using a good chiropractic pillow that can help you avert the problem. If one has this much pain, they adopt a good sleeping position and buy a good cervical pillow and mattress. When choosing what type of pillow to buy, consider a memory foam or feather one that molds to the shape of your neck. As you go a head to buy a pillow, not that according to this guide, a soft pillow may lead to serious neck pain problem especially for side sleepers.

2. Drugs

If one is on certain drugs, they can affect your sleeping patterns, especially when taken close to your bedtime. If one is on medication and they experience such, they should consider talking to the doctor who gave them the prescription so that they can have the medicine changed or just seek clarification if the drugs are costing them their sleep.


3. Hormonal changes

Mostly for women, their sleep is interrupted by the changes in their hormones depending where they are in the menstrual cycle. Some experience hot flushes, feel the urge to urinate frequently which will keep disturbing one’s sleep. This may mostly affect those who are entering menopause.

4. Working in shifts

Some jobs may demand one to work in shifts. This may disrupt one’s wake-sleep hours. This will end up upsetting the body’s circadian rhythm. People who work rotating shifts have lower serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone that helps in sleep regulation. Lower serotonin levels may make one have difficulty falling or staying asleep.

5. Jetlag

For those who take flights to travel, they cross over different time zones which also disrupt one’s internal clock. This internal clock is responsible for telling the brain when to sleep when it is dark and stay awake when it is light. The body may take longer to adjust so that they fit in the time zones. In addition to that, the jetlag may make one have chronic sleeping problems.456yrtrae

6. Snoring

Some people snore, but they are not aware that they snore. Some snore so loudly till they wake themselves. However, some people snore because they have sleep apnea which is a disease that is often linked to stroke, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

7. Diet

What one eats before they go to bed will also determine the kind of sleep they will get. People who take coffee before bedtime may find it difficult to sleep since coffee is a stimulant. Others who overeat also find it difficult to sleep. So one should make sure they eat at least two hours before bedtime and eat just enough.…

Signs that you need to change your mattress


Changing your mattress once in a while is important to achieve the quality of sleep. The type of mattress that you sleep on can affect your sleep. Most of the time we sleep on uncomfortable beds, and we end up waking up tired. Sleep time is very important, and you need to get adequate sleep to prepare you for the next day. You will be surprised how a good mattress can make you productive and enhance the quality of your life.

Do you need to change your mattress?

Waking up tired

If you are waking up tired every morning, then you need to get a new mattress. Waking up tired is a clear indication that the mattress that you are using is not serving its purpose well. A good mattress should be able to support all your body muscles and allow you to get a restful sleep. If your mattress is not providing you with a good opportunity to rest, then you should change it and get a good mattress that will allow your body to rest throughout the night. Most of the time an orthopedic mattress is preferred for better sleep.


Lumps and sagging

When you see lumps and sagging in your mattress, then this is a sign of aging. If your mattress has developed lumps and sagging, then this is an indication that you need to get a new one at Apart from being uncomfortable, lumps are not a pretty sight to look at. No one wants to sleep on a mattress that is not good looking.


The development of allergens is a very serious reason to buy a mattress. Allergens cause a lot of negative health implications, and you need a mattress that will keep you healthy. Most of the time, the mattress accumulates allergens due to age. With time, your mattress might accumulate stains, mold, and mildew. These are allergens that cannot be eliminated by the normal cleaning procedure. You have to buy a new allergen free mattress like wool or latex to solve the problem once and for all.


Your mattress is old

If you can’t remember the last time that you bought a mattress, then it is time to buy a new one. An old mattress can cause discomfort and diseases, and it is important to replace it with a new one. It is important to explore the new options available out there when it comes to mattresses.…

Features and Benefits Of the Octane Oil For The Brain

sa 2Brain Octane Oil is considered a top oil that contains stronger qualities than coconut oil. The oil helps the body in many ways, and it is also highly recommended by health specialists.

With top properties, the oil helps to boost the performance of the brain in a great way.

The Octane Oil For The Brain

This oil is rated to contain 100% of caprylic acid. With this, it can work better than coconut oil. Also, this quality makes it the most preferred oil from the Bulletproof products. The Caprylic acid will metabolize rapidly into ketones. The ketones are vital for the brain, especially when in need of immediate energy.

There will be no need for the conversion of glucose from carbohydrates or dietary sugars. This product is mostly suggested if you need a brain performance that is effective enough. It is also known to help in re-balancing the yeast in the stomach. With this, you will enhance the balance of candida in the system.

With the upgraded content, this product is now better and more efficient in the body. It helps you to get better results in a reduced time. Users have cited that they have felt less disturbance in the gastrointestinal system when using the Oil. It can be blended easily with your Bulletproof coffee for perfect results.

Benefits of the oil

The Brain Octane product has been tested and proven to deliver highly reliable results. Many people are contented with the results they get when using this product. Here are the benefits you would enjoy when using the oil:
• Fast energy. The product will convert the ketone energy faster and easier, without the need for conversion from carbohydrates. This energy will be used faster in the brain and with its fast absorption, it delivers better results.
• Yeast re-balancing. Another thing that the product does is to re-balance the yeast in the gut, and it has been shown that there are other effects of the fungi from the caprylic fatty acids. This will help you to balance the candida inside your gut. With this, the body will perform better and with reliable results.
• It doesn’t increase cholesterol. With this oil, it works with a different metabolism, which will not increase the cholesterol levels.
• Easy to mix into your diet. Since it is flavorless, you can easily blend it with your meals.

Since it can easily blend with your diet, you can take it whenever you wish, with any meal that you want.…